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About the Series

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a letter from Jesus Christ to a church like ours? Or, better, because no two churches or contexts are alike, how about seven letters to seven different churches? Then we’d have Jesus’ heart for his church on surround sound. We would know what he wants to change about us, and what he wants to guard. Seven such letters have been discovered, and they are found at the end of the Bible in the often-neglected book of Revelation. We need these letters: letters written to unique churches with unique challenges; letters of commendation and correction; letters concerned with the supernatural, not the superficial; every line reflecting the heart of Jesus for his churches, including ours.

Week 1 – 6.18.17

A Vision that Sustains the Church

Text: Revelation 1 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 2 – 6.25.17

Loving Jesus in Ephesus: Words for a Distracted Church

Text: Revelation 2:1–7 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 3 – 7.2.17

Dying Well in Smyrna: Words for a Persecuted Church

Text: Revealtion 2:8–11 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 4 – 7.9.17

Wielding the Word in Pergamum: Words for a Compromised Church

Text: Revelation 2:12–17 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 5 – 7.16.17

Searching the Heart in Thyatira: Words for a Tolerant Church

Text: Revelation 2:18–29 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 6 – 7.23.17

Waking Up in Sardis: Words for a Near-Dead Church

Text: Revelation 3:1–6 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 7 – 7.30.17

An Open Door in Philadelphia: Words for a Witnessing Church

Text: Revelation 3:7–13 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 8 – 8.6.17

Lukewarm in Laodicea: Words to a Self-Sufficient Church

Text: Revelation 3:14–22 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 9 – 8.13.17

A Vision of the Church Complete

Text: Revelation 21:1–8 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

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