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About the Series

In this two-part series, we travel through a pair of Psalms for two distinct calls to sing. Psalm 95 calls on the congregation to sing to the Lord, offers us reasons to sing. Psalm 96 is also a call to sing, but the recipients are different, “Sing, all the earth!” God’s passion for his own glory extends to the ends of the earth. Thankfully, God’s praise and our joy are not disconnected matters, but intimately bound together. In fact, we sing because we have been given the very best reason to sing in Christ.

Week 1 – 10.14.18

Come, Let Us Sing

Text: PSalm 95 – Speaker: abe stratton

Week 2 – 10.21.18

Sing, All the Earth!

Text: Psalm 96 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 3 – 3.6.22

What You Wear and How You Sing

Text: Colossians 3:12-17 – Speaker: Joe Rigney

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