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Equipping the Saints

Exploring Christianity

The most important book to read if you’re exploring Christianity is the Bible. But here are some books that can help you with your questions along the way.

On Becoming a Christian

For Skeptics

On Christ above other gods

Bible & Theology

The Bible holds the answers to life’s deepest questions: Who is God? Who are we? What went wrong with us and how might we be saved? Here are selected readings to help you read the Scriptures and grasp their central message.

On How to Read the Bible

ON Understanding the Bible's Story

For an introduction to Theology

On Growing in the Knowledge of God

On Growing in the Knowledge of Christ

On Growing in the Knowledge of Salvation

On Understanding Church History

Church & Ministry

The Word of God is sufficient to shape and guide our church. Here are some books that help us apply this conviction as we seek to love one another as members of a local church.

On Church Leadership

On Corporate Worship

On Church Membership

On Biblical Counseling

Walking with God

The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms all of life. We are new creations with a new perspective on money, on suffering, on vocation, and on everything else. Here are some resources to help us apply all of God’s Word to all of our lives.

On Prayer

On Growing in Grace

On Decision Making and Vocation

On Money and Possessions

On Manhood and Womanhood

On Pain and Suffering

On Understanding the Spirit of the Age

Marriage & Family

Our lives as Christians are played out in our various roles, the most important of which are our roles as family, husbands and wives, brother and sisters, mothers and fathers. Here are selected resources for honoring Christ in our lives as family.

On Marriage

On the family

On Parenting

On Raising Boys

On Raising Girls

For Young People

For Kids

Evangelism & Missions

We have all we need in the gospel and the Word of God to take the gospel to our neighbors and to the nations. Here are some additional helps for our shared gospel commission.

On Reaching our Neighbors

On Apologetics

On Reaching the nations

Faithfulness in an Unfriendly Age

We have been made alive to God and rescued from the course of this world. We remain here but we are exiles. We are on a different course. Until Christ comes the spirit of the age seeks our hearts and our harm. Here are some resources to help us honor Christ as Lord as we wait for his return.

On Understanding the Spirit of The Age

Challenges to the Doctrine of God

Challanges Related to a Biblical View of Humanity

Challanges to Biblical Ethics

Challanges Related to the Role of Government

Challanges to Love of Neighbor

By Heritage Leaders

The regular preaching of God’s Word is how he feeds us. But books are a great help. There are many books we might recommend for you, but these books have been selected because they are excellent in their respective topics. We haven’t meticulously read each of these books for any departures from our doctrinal statement, so please read with care. This list is an extension of the church’s teaching ministry with selections available on Sunday morning for browsing in the South Lobby. For additional recommendations, ask any elder or email Pastor Trent at [email protected] Several online bookstores may be of interest: Westminster Books, Matthias Media, Crossway Books, The Good Book Company, New Growth Press, 9Marks.