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Equipped with the word for life and witness

Our Aim

To equip the church with biblical knowledge, sound doctrine, and tools for a faithful Christian life and witness.

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 3:18

Our Approach

Elective classes are taught by teams of elders and volunteer teachers. The classes cover all areas of our church life and faith, from practical discipleship to more intensive biblical and theological studies. Classes run during the spring, summer, and fall seasons in blocks of 4 to 12 weeks. The elective class ministry teaches the Word to our church and trains up teachers for the church.

Growing in the knowledge of God

Whether you are a seeker, a new Christian, or a long-time member, elective classes provide a pathway to learn more about who God is and what his plan is for you.

Learning together

We want our classes to be relationally engaging, a place to make a friend and grow in Christ together.

Raising up teachers

Members wishing to teach are evaluated and paired with more experienced teachers to confirm and develop their gifts to serve the church.

Core Electives

While we offer a variety of elective classes each calendar year, a handful of foundational classes repeat on a regular basis. Our goal is that every member participates in these.

Membership Matters

This orientation class that is essential for anyone wanting to become a member of the Heritage Bible Church family. We believe that membership in a local church is vital for the growth of every follower of Jesus, so we walk through the biblical foundation for membership, our Confession of Faith and Membership Covenant, as well as key aspects of life at Heritage.

Christianity Explored

The gospel according to Mark shows us who Jesus is, why he came, and what we should think about him. This is the message we want everyone to hear. Christianity Explored is a discussion-based Elective class that allows seekers and believers alike to learn more about the Savior who came and walked among us.

Making Disciples

The Bible tells us the story of God’s mission—his redemptive plan to draw a people for himself from every tribe and nation. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection make that mission a present reality: it’s happening! But before he returned to heaven, Jesus gave his followers an assignment—to join him in gathering followers from every nation. In this class, we examine what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how joining his mission will shape our lives and relationships.

Excited about the Bible

Using a variety of passages, we dig treasure from different parts of the Old and New Testaments. Seeking the Spirit’s guidance, we read each text together, share observations about the words, and seek to understand what the biblical authors were saying. Our goal in this class is to search out the Scriptures; to know and love them better in order to see ourselves truly and what needs to be changed.

What in the World Is God Doing?

In this class we seek to understand what missions is and is not. We examine biblical teaching on missions. We also look at the real world in which we live and consider how timeless biblical truth is best communicated in a fast-changing world. Finally, we consider what all this means for our mission practice at Heritage Bible Church.

How People Change

The Gospel of Jesus Christ promises to transform hearts and lives, but many of us are stuck. We make sinful choices again and again; we’re trapped by the same selfish behaviors. However, the Bible tells us that change is a process, not a one-time event. This class targets the root of a person—the heart. When our core desires and motivations change, behavior will follow.

Register for Classes

You are always welcome to just show up, but we’d love to know that you’re coming.