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About the Series

The Psalms have been the hymnbook and prayerbook of God’s people since Old Testament times. By God’s kind design, the Psalms are “a mirror of the soul of everyone who sings them…In its pages you find portrayed man’s whole life, the emotion of the soul, and the frames of his mind” (Athanasius). It’s no wonder, then, that Jesus took up many of the psalms upon his own lips, particularly in times of his deepest distress, and Jesus did so for our salvation and sanctification.

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Week 1 – 6.02.19

Jesus, You, and the Father’s Goodness

Text: Psalm 16 – Speaker: Dan Cruver

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Week 2 – 6.09.19

Jesus, You, and God-forsakenness

Text: Psalm 22 – Speaker: Dan Cruver

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Week 3 – 6.16.19

Jesus, You, and a Royal Wedding

Text: Psalm 45 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

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Week 4 – 6.23.19

Jesus, You, and Surprising Mercy

Text: Psalm 118 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

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