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Life. That’s not what typically comes to mind for modern readers of Leviticus. This is that book filled with animal sacrifices. Life with God might sound even more out of touch. The many laws in this book may give us the impression that the Lord intends to keep his distance. Yet Leviticus is not about distance but nearness. The story of Exodus closed out with a problem: the Lord came to his tabernacle but Moses could not enter. How then can any of us get back to Eden? In Leviticus, the Lord answers that question. Yet the tabernacle and its laws are not the end of the story, but a shadow. Together they are a model of the entire cosmos, God’s heavenly dwelling, and the way to fullness of life with God.


Welcome to the Tent of Meeting

Text: Leviticus 1:1, 2 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


Offerings for the Lord

Text: Leviticus 1:3-3:17 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


Offerings for Us

Text: Leviticus 4:1-6:7 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


The Priests

Text: Leviticus 8 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


Today the Lord Will Appear to You

Text: Leviticus 9 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


I Will Be Sanctified

Text: Leviticus 10 – Speaker: Jason Read


Cloven Feet, Carcases, and The Resurrection of Christ

Text: Leviticus 11 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


The Walking Dead

Text: Leviticus 12-15 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


The Two Goats

Text: Leviticus 16 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


There is Life in the Blood

Text: Leviticus 17 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


Holy Sexuality

Text: Leviticus 18 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


Holy Neighborhoods

Text: Leviticus 19 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


What Can We Learn from the Bible’s Shocking Judgments?

Text: Leviticus 20 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


God’s Plan for His Priests

Text: Leviticus 21-22 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


Time to Feast

Text: Leviticus 23 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


It’s Time to Come Home

Text: Leviticus 24 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


It’s Time for the Restoration of All Things

Text: Leviticus 25 – Speaker: Trent Hunter


Happily Ever After, If …

Text: Leviticus 26 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

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