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Plans for Our Sunday Gathering

  • We meet at our normal time of 9:30 a.m. and stagger seating for social distancing between individuals or families. We offer overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall and utilize video. For now, we will continue offering a livestream of the service to those who are inhibited from joining us due to the coronavirus. We will send a link each Saturday to those who request it. Please sign up in order to be put on this distribution list.
  • We have modified our service in several ways: we will not pass the plate, but we remain partners, so plan to give online or through one of the giving boxes on site. For communion, which we observe approximately every six weeks, leaders with gloves will hand you a pre-packaged container of bread and juice.
  • We disinfect the church between Sundays. This will include door handles, light switches, handrails, etc.

What we’re asking you to do

  • Stay home if that’s best. If you are in a high-risk category, you may need to stay home for now. If you are sick or if you have been in contact with someone who has shown symptoms of COVID19, you should also stay home.
  • Observe social distancing practices. Please do your best to honor this in your unplanned interactions. Along these lines, wear a face covering if you prefer. We are not going beyond our governor’s requirements, and so masks are not required. There are good reasons to wear a mask, for your sake and the sake of others. And there are fine reasons not to. Use your best judgment.
  • Be easy on one another and easy to lead. Let’s continue to bear with one another, believe the best, and be easy to lead in this season. You are doing a marvelous job of this. So, let’s continue in our pattern of avoiding assumptions and motives, and welcoming one another as Christ welcomes us all (Ro. 15:7).

Temporary Livestream Email Link

Jesus has been so kind to give us to one another. Livestream is not church, as it does not allow us to fulfill Jesus’ many gracious commands for our mutual encouragement. But for a limited period of time, we will offer a livestream option. The purpose of this livestream is to serve those who cannot join us in person due to coronavirus-related health considerations. For a little more on our approach to this, see the “Recap” from our recent Elder Q&A.

Sign up if you would like to receive the weekly livestream link via email. The link will be sent on Saturdays to those who request it.

Shortly before 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, click the link in the email from your computer. A tablet or a smartphone will work too. You can join as early as 9:20 a.m. 

If you remain at home, print out an Order of Worship to help follow along. If you can’t join us for the service, sermon audio will be available as usual in the early afternoon at Sermon Audio and at the church site.

Plans for Modified Return to Ministry

In normal times our church enjoys a variety of ministry engagements outside our Lord’s Day gathering. For some time now we have been in a somewhat evolving state as it concerns these auxiliary ministries. Case numbers in our area, hospital capacities, number of people attending an event, age of attenders, and the feasibility of social distancing will all be considered as we decide when and how to re-launch various ministries. As a church family, we’ll continue to prayerfully consider how we can best return to ministry and love one another well. Here is our current plan:

  • Resuming Sunday 11a.m. Hour Ministry. Our Electives resumed on February 21. Journey Groups, Sigma, and L3inC also began meeting again.
  • Senior Servants Gatherings. At this time, we are delaying indefinitely the re-launch of these gatherings.