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About the Series

Unfulfilled promises. Unrealized hopes. Silence and inaction. When we don’t see God at work, when we don’t experience the outcomes He promises, it is our human tendency to think that God has stopped loving us. We begin to believe the lie that He doesn’t care about us, doesn’t notice our lives, and isn’t even around anymore. Lies like these lead to devastating life choices and thought patterns. Our worship becomes empty and rote. We neglect God’s words and fail to obey them. The prophet Malachi encountered and confronted just such a situation. His words ring down the centuries for our good. He communicated God’s assurances that He has never stopped loving His chosen people, and He is going to act in sudden and startling ways to awaken them.

Week 1 – 11.01.20

Emtpy Worship

Text: Malachi – Speaker: Abe Stratton

Week 2 – 11.08.20

Refining Fire

Text: Malachi 2:17-3:5 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

Sermon Archive

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