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About the Series

What does Good Friday do? What does Resurrection Sunday do? Christians down the ages have confessed faith in the crucified and risen Christ. We believe that the death and resurrection happened and that this truth is precious. But when the Apostle Peter speaks of these events, he speaks to those who already believe them. Why then does he write? He writes to show how the death and resurrection of Christ change all of life and our life together as a church. In this short series we consider two passages from 1 Peter 1 in order to live in light of the death and resurrection of Christ.

Part 1 – 4.02.21

What Does Good Friday Do?

Text: 1 Peter 1:13-19 – Speaker: Dan Cruver

Part 2 – 4.04.21

What Does Resurrection Sunday Do?

Text: 1 Peter 1:20-25 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

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