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About the Series

If you’re getting to know Heritage, this is a great place to begin. Here’s a description of the early church: “all who believed were together and had all things in common” (Acts 2:44). We want to be a church all together in the gospel as well. That’s the desire that gave rise to this short three-part series. In it we explore the question of our gospel identity (who are we?), our gospel mission (what are we here for?), and our gospel vision (what do we long to see God do?). Each exposition gives rise to a simple “trustworthy saying,” a memorable way to press the truth of the passage into the life of our church.
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Week 1 – 11.4.18

Our Gospel Identity

Text: Revelation 21:5-7 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 2 – 11.11.18

Our Gospel Mission

Text: Ephesians 3:8-10 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 3 – 11.18.18

Our Gospel Vision

Text: Matthew 13:44 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Sermon Archive

Heritage has been sustained and shaped by the preaching of the Word over many years. Searchable access to many of these sermons is available at