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About the Series

Our regular pratice is to preach through books of the Bible in a desire to preach “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). But every once in awhile in between series or at a break in the schedule, we will have a sermon that helps us consider a single verse that speaks to a particualr moment. For God’s word is timeless, but also timely. 

Week 1 – 1.3.21

Look at the Birds: Seeking The Kingdom in an Age of Anxiety

Text: Matthew 6:33 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Week 2 – 7.19.21

The Lord is Your Keeper

Text: Psalm 121:5 – Speaker: Trent Hunter

Sermon Archive

Heritage has been sustained and shaped by the preaching of the Word over many years. Searchable access to many of these sermons is available at