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About the Series

Our human race is desperate for satisfaction and belonging. There’s an ache inside that we know needs to be filled, and we pursue all sorts of things to fill the hole. At the same time, we long for others to love us and accept us; we ache to belong.

God is on mission. The Creator who made us is seeking us. He’s moving into the lives of thirsty sinners in order to satisfy us, and He does this by drawing us into His eternal life. He is choosing a people, revealing himself to us, preserving and guarding us, unifying us with each other in himself, all to the end that we may be with Him and behold His glory forever.

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Week 1 – 11.17.19

The Seeking God

Text: John 4:1-26 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

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Week 2 – 11.24.19

The Keeping God

Text: John 17 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

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