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6-Week Electives

October 15 - November 19

About Electives

The purpose of our electives is to engage and equip the people of our church with the Word for the roles God has given them. The classes survey a variety of doctrines or topics, helping us to grow in our walk with Jesus and in our relationships with each other. We’re eager to dive into these studies with you.

During the adult Electives, children, middle school, and high school students meet according to their grades.

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Sundays, October 15 – November 19, 11:00 AM

God's Love in Marriage

The Doctrine of the Trinity

Overview: Whether single, dating, engaged or married, we all need an awareness of God’s love in order for our relationships to overcome the devastating effects of sin. Only when our hearts are fully aware of God’s love are we equipped to love and extend the grace that we all need and long for. In Christ, we’re fully known and yet fully loved. This is how God relates to us, and how we can and should relate to our loved ones, especially in marriage.  All are welcome to join as we explore the love of God that brings deep and lasting change.  

Teacher: Greg Fox

In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being:

Exploring the Depths of Our Union with Christ

Overview: As Christians, our union with Christ isn’t confined to the high-water marks of our spiritual experience; it is the ever-present reality in which we live our lives. More than a remote theological concept, our union with Christ is where we truly ‘live and move and have our being,’ transforming our daily lives and faith. In this class, we will explore the richness of life joined with Christ and unearth its profound impact on what it means to be a Christian.

Teacher: Dan Cruver

Week 1: Union with the God-Man
Week 2: The Trinitarian Security of Our Union
Week 3: Our Mysterious Union
Week 4: The Gospel Mystery of Salvation
Week 5: Union with Christ and the Visible Signs of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
Week 6: Union with Christ and Our Future Glory

Membership Matters

Exploring the Depths of Our Union with Christ

Overview: Membership in a local church is vital for the growth of every follower of Christ. This class explores the biblical foundations for church membership along with the specifics of being a member at Heritage. We will walk through our Confession of Faith, Membership Covenant, and other key aspects of life at Heritage. Anyone interested in learning more about Heritage or pursuing membership is invited to join us. Attendance is required to become a member at Heritage.

Teachers: Travis Fleshman, Steve Hall, Kevin Johnson

Week 1: Why Join a Church?
Week 2: Heritage’s History and Mission
Week 3: What Do We Believe?
Week 4: What is a Membership Covenant?
Week 5: What is Life Like at Heritage?
Week 6: Q&A

Messianic Hope:

The Son of God in the Old Testament

Overview: After his resurrection, Jesus said to his disciples, “everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled” (Luke 24:44). The Old Testament points to the person and work of our Savior, but that’s not always easy to see. Join us as we survey the Old Testament, looking for the promised Messiah, and may the Lord cause our hearts to burn just like the experience of the disciples on the Emmaus Road as Jesus opened the Word to them.

Teacher: Mark Centers

Week 1: Messianic Hope in the Torah
Week 2: Messianic Hope and the Angel of God
Week 3: Messianic Hope in the Former Prophets
Week 4: Messianic Hope in the Latter Prophets
Week 5: Messianic Hope in the Psalms
Week 6: Messianic Hope in the Writings

Reading for Joy:


Overview: The song book of the Old Testament encompasses nearly every thought and emotion in the Christian life. But much more than just a book we can relate to, Psalms recalls the history of God’s faithfulness to his covenant people and lifts our eyes to the promised Messiah and his eternal reign. Join us for this discussion-focused elective as we study the Psalms together and behold the majesty of our God. Participants will learn how to read different types of Psalms, skills for studying passages within the whole context of the Bible, and how to read the Bible one-on-one with another person.

Teachers: John Gardner, Chris Gerber

Week 1: Introduction to COMA Method; Psalm 1
Week 2: The Doctrine of Scripture; Psalm 22
Week 3: Look Down: Close Context; Psalm 57
Week 4: Look Back: Continuing Context; Psalm 79
Week 5: Look Around: Complete Context; Psalm 88
Week 6: Reading the Bible One to One; Psalm 97