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About the Series

This is a two-part series in which we focus our attention on God’s global purposes for the nations. Paul writes to the Romans because he wants them to share in his passion for reaching the unreached with the gospel. He wants to be sure that, in preparation for his coming to them and partnering with them, they are a gospel driven congregation. What does that look like? This is true when the spread of the gospel among the nations is our primary ambition as a church. We want to see churches established among those who have limited or no access to the gospel. We want to see those churches led by their own people and replicating without outside help. We will then, like Paul, mangify the mercy of God. 

Week 1 – 2.21.21

Portrait of a Gospel Ambitious Congregation

Text: ROMANS 15:7-13 – Speaker: Mark Vowels

Week 2 – 2.28.21

Gospel Ambition

Text: ROMANS 15:14-24 – Speaker: Matthew Ellison

Sermon Archive

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