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Daniel Sermon Series

About the Series

Throughout the first four chapters of Daniel, the author is bent on showing us that the Most High God rules over the affairs of men. He is in control; he knows what’s going on; he cares for his people who are under threat; he orchestrates world events. In short, while earthly kings and kingdoms rise and fall, his dominion is forever, and his kingdom endures through all generations.

Week 1 – 7.5.20

God Gave

Text: Daniel 1 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

Week 2 – 7.12.20

God Reveals

Text: Daniel 2 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

Week 3 – 7.19.20

God Delivers

Text: Daniel 3 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

Week 4 – 7.26.20

God Reigns

Text: Daniel 4 – Speaker: Abe Stratton

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