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To the Nations: Watching Paul Pursue Jesus’ Mission (Winter/Spring Electives 2020)

Who was the Apostle Paul? What do we know about his life before Christ? How did he fulfill his calling as the Apostle to the Gentiles? We will examine the life and ministry of Paul as he passionately pursued Jesus’ expanding mission throughout the Roman Empire. Paul was a theologian, an orator, and a scholar; but primarily he was a missionary. Together we will learn from Paul’s experiences and see how his life models gospel power, gospel passion, and gospel priorities for us.

Teachers: Mark Vowels, Timothy Martin

Class Notes

Week 1: Why Study Paul

Week 2: Paul’s Pursuit of Righteousness

Week 3: Paul’s Conversion Experience

Week 4: Paul’s Earliest Ministry

Weeks 5 & 6: Paul’s First Missionary Journey

Week 7: Paul’s Defense of Grace (the Jerusalem Council)

Week 8: Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

Week 9: Paul’s Third Missionary Journey