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Strong relationships with other brothers and sisters are essential to following Jesus. Our God intends that we live life alongside of and with each other as we walk together toward our Savior. Shepherding Groups are the relational hub for our church family and the heartbeat of our life together. In a church our size we can’t know everyone, but we need to know some and be known by them. These small groups are a crucial place for growth in our walk with Jesus. It’s also the primary place where our church leaders watch over us (Elders) and care for us (Deacons). It’s where we bring the Word into each other’s lives and speak of Christ to one another. It’s where we encourage and confront each other. It’s where we pray for each other. It’s where we care for each other.

Participating in a Shepherding Group is something we expect for each of our members, and we welcome others who are learning about our church to sign up as well. If you are not currently part of a Shepherding Group or if you would like to change groups, sign-up for 2022-23 is taking place through March 15. We will organize the groups over the next month, and new groups will begin April 3. Group participants who wish to remain in the same group do not need to complete a registration form.

Places to Follow Jesus in Relationship with Others
We GROW together as a church family as we spend time together focused on Jesus Christ, so relationships are at the heart of our Shepherding Groups. In a church our size you can’t know everyone, but you need to know someone and be known by them. These small groups, usually made up of 15-20 people, are a crucial place for encouragement and growth in your walk with Christ.

Homes around Greenville
Groups meet twice a month in homes, typically on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings for 1-2 hours.

Speaking the Word, Praying, and Caring
Group members love one another by living out the “one anothers” of the NT. In this setting, we share life together, confess our sins to one another, speak God’s Word into each other’s lives, and pray for each other.

When the group gathers, the discussion focuses on the preached Word from Sunday morning. Through the Spirit’s help we seek to understand and apply the Word which we’ve heard.

Complete the form below if you would like to join a Shepherding Group or change groups.