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This Sunday we will begin a five-week sermon series through the Book of Isaiah, titled, A Vision of Two Cities.

In Isaiah’s vision he sees Jerusalem as it is, in ruins. Yet by the end of the book, he sees a new Jerusalem. The question is: how does Jerusalem get that way? Across these 66 chapters we will gain a better understanding of the human problem of sin, of God’s holiness, and of the good news of salvation in Christ. In fact, it’s from Isaiah’s writing that we get the langauge of “good news” (Isa. 40:9).

Here’s the series outline so you can read ahead each week:

  • November 25: “The God of Unapproachable Holiness” (1-12)
  • December 2: “The God of The World and History” (13-27)
  • December 9: “The God of Incomparable Strength” (28-39)
  • December 16: “The God of Good News for Sinners” (40-55)
  • December 23: “The God of a New City” (56-66)

Reading ahead will require a bit of planning, as these are larger divisions of text. But if you can pull it off, your investment will pay you back. Isaiah is quoted in the New Testament more than all of the other prophets combined.

In getting to know Isaiah’s prophecy we will get to know our Bibles better, and in getting to know our Bibles better we’ll get to know Christ better. Come on Sundays with expectation for how God will use his Word among us this December.