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The book of Daniel can seem mysterious. There are lands and people quite foreign to us, stories which seem unbelievable, and visions which are downright strange. In a recent sermon series we explored the first four chapters of Daniel and saw the mighty power and reign of God over the affairs of this world and its kingdoms. However, there is much more to learn from Daniel.

For our Fall Men’s Bible Study, we will revisit Daniel, and this time we’ll get an overview of the whole book. Since our lives have been turned upside-down by the pandemic, our Bible Study will look different.


We’ll be using the Good Book Guide for Daniel. Purchase your own copy online and make plans to participate.


Instead of meeting with a group of men at the church property each week, choose one other man you will meet with and do the study with. We’ll call this our “One-to-One Men’s Bible Study.” Find a brother in your Shepherding Group or choose another brother in our church and ask him to do this study with you.


The two of you can meet whatever day of the week and whatever time works for you. You decide. However, the window of time we’re giving for this 7-week study is September 10-November 12. This is a 10-week window which will give you flexibility if you happen to miss a week here or there. To encourage you over the weeks of this study, we are planning (1) a weekly email and (2) two Zoom calls for a time of sharing. One Zoom call will take place mid-way through the 10 weeks, and one will occur at the end of the 10 weeks. These will be brief “check-ins” where we can share how God is at work in us through His Word. Make sure you sign-up below so that you are on the list and get our communication.