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Gospel-Saturated Living Seminar

Gospel-Saturated Living Seminar

This one-day seminar that will examine from 30,000 ft. the theme of gospel-saturated living as found in John’s first letter. One of John’s major concerns is that Christians daily live with gospel assurance. This is because one of Satan’s primary aims is to destroy the assurance of believers. If he can do that, then we will be of no use. So, John addresses this concern by getting crystal clear on who Jesus is and what he’s accomplished on our behalf. Only the gospel enables us to withstand all attacks upon our Christian assurance.   

For parents of college or high school students, this one-day seminar will help equip you to better disciple your students as they study 1 John in L3inC and Impact this school year. Also, all parents (and hope-to-be parents) are encouraged to come regardless of the age of your children. For those of you who are single, this seminar will deepen your understanding of the gospel and how it works itself out within an antagonistic world.

All who attend will leave with practical and actionable strategies for living gospel-saturated lives in complex social settings.

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Let’s Sing! “Jesus, Your Mercy”

Let’s Sing! “Jesus, Your Mercy”

We have about 160 songs in a catalogue we’ve curated for singing on Sunday morning. Each song old and new is a unique mingling of poetry and melody. Yet even the new songs that we sing are about same old things, and we sing them in order to do same old things.

This past week we introduced a new song, “Jesus, Your Mercy,” which we’ll sing again this Sunday. This song is a prayer to our merciful Lord, a song to help us confess our sin and rejoice in our assurance rooted in the mercy of God. Meditate these words and wear yourself into the tune ahead of Sunday. 


1. Jesus, Your mercy is all my plea
I have no defense, my guilt runs too deep
The best of my works pierced Your hands and Your feet
Jesus, Your mercy is all my plea

2. Jesus, Your mercy is all my boast
The goodness I claim, the grounds of my hope
Whatever I lack it’s still what I need most
Jesus, Your mercy is all my boast

Praise the King who bore my sin
Took my place when I stood condemned
Oh how good You’ve always been to me
I will sing of Your mercy

3. Jesus, Your mercy is all my rest
When fears weigh me down and enemies press
A comfort I cling to in life and in death
Jesus Your mercy is all my rest

4. Jesus, your mercy is all my joy
Forever I’ll lift my heart and my voice
To sing of a treasure no pow’r can destroy
Jesus, your mercy is all my joy

Bob Kauflin, Jordan Kauflin, Nathan Stiff © 2019 Sovereign Grace Worship



Family Meeting – 7.25.21

Family Meeting – 7.25.21

Our next Family Meeting is just over a week away on Sunday, July 25, at 4:30 p.m. Our time together will include updates from our Children’s Ministry, our partnership with the Riau Melayu, and welcoming of new members. We will also have a members’ vote on allocating missions funds. In addition, we are excited to share a meal together following the meeting! This month’s meal will be provided by HBC and will include teriyaki chicken, rice, green beans, rolls, and dessert. These times of fellowship around the table have been special in the past, and we are eager to resume them on July 25.