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Meet our Summer Intern: Mark Centers (Part 2)

Meet our Summer Intern: Mark Centers (Part 2)

Two weeks ago we got acquainted a bit with Mark Centers, our intern for the summer. Click here for Part 1of this two-part blog post. We’ll finish up here with a few questions.

What’s your favorite book of the Bible and why?

A combo: Leviticus and Hebrews. They both succinctly encapsulate the majesty of God, mankind’s dilemma, and God’s plan to make a people for his name.

What book has had the most impact on your life, besides the Bible?

The Messianic Hope by Michael Rydelnik. It made my heart burn for Jesus in the OT, and I’ve read it or referenced it every year since 2010.

Share with us a reason to give praise to Christ from your study in Hebrews.

The author of Hebrews rarely uses Jesus’ divinity to argue that Jesus is better. So in chapter one, the author climaxes his argument that Jesus is better than the angels by quoting Psalm 110 and proving that Jesus, as a human, has achieved something that no other human has or ever will achieve: a place at the right hand of God.

Tell us about the most influential sermon you’ve heard?

D.A. Carson’s sermons on Revelation 4 and 5 exposed my heart to the grandeur of God, His unapproachable nature, and the high priestly work of Jesus, who represents me before the throne.

How do you like to spend your down time? Any hobbies?

Read books. Play guitar. Play games. Shoot stuff with my bow and arrow.

Okay, now a few left fielders: What is the dumbest thing you did as a kid?

Wow. What to choose? One time as a kid my dad caught me smoking, and I told him that I had found that cigarette—fully lit—in the middle of the woods. That would be the most irrational, impossible thing I have ever done. By the way, I quickly gave up smoking, as it was not very compatible with my asthma. Again, not very smart.

Any odd talents that we should know about up front?

I have a knack for dropping trees in just the right spot.

What’s your favorite animal, and why?

Leviathan. Because it’s an underwater dragon. How cool is that.